Xavier Dolan for L’Uomo Vogue


"Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you like it. You’re used to me"

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck. 
— the 1975.

Change. It’s a wonderful thing. Look, you know how subatomic particles don’t obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere and bang! Energy! We’re the same as that. That’s the great thing about the universe: unpredictable. That’s why it’s so much fun.

Wonderland F/W 2014


Timeless Black and White’s - ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2015


The guy on the left, since he shows clear disgust with having his picture taken suddenly without permission. The guy on the right has had so little sleep that his grip on reality and emotions has left him