Kill Bill: vol. 2 (2004) Quentin TarantinoTarantino + Daryl Hannahbehind the scenes


Kill Bill: vol. 2 (2004) Quentin Tarantino
Tarantino + Daryl Hannah
behind the scenes

"People go on about those long scenes, but it’s not doing something for a trick or gimmick – it’s about doing what’s necessary. Why cut? If you have a close-up and what you’re getting is incredible, stay with it, look at it. It’s about what actually works. The fact is, it’s exciting. There’s film time, and there’s real time. These happened in real time and that’s exciting. You’re putting an audience in a situation that feels like reality." - Steve McQueen


August Malmström  (Swedish, 1829-1901)

Dancing Fairies, (Älvalek), 1866